Islam In Germany-A Personal Review!

While driving towards Stuttgart – one of my favourite cities in Germany – I was amazed up to my level hearing frequency channel FM1-SWR1 94.7 MHz. nearby the premises of the Hohenheim University. The surprising news of the current amendments in education system at the Schools in Germany, I could not explain my sudden increase of happiness! The moderator commented something about Islam. I became conscious and the second moment I slowed my car a bit and simultaneously knobbed up the volume. “Islam is going to be taught in German Kindergartens – Schools…” and she also took some introductory interviews from some of the teachers. This news energized me in such a way that made me to think accelerating the car in such a way to fly to my country and tell the people about the generosity of the German government about Islamisation and allowing it to be taught in the schools.

In a country with 3.2 million Muslims the issue to sending the small children to the schools – where there is a little Islamic touch – has been somehow a “problem” for the parent. Some families went back to their homeland in order to brighten up their children with so-called “well attributes of Islam”. Many who faced the new challenges and cope with the necessary modernization in views and lifestyles became successful resident and noteworthy contributors to the German economy. Now, by introducing the teachings of the basic “Islamic shariya – Islamic principles” at the school level one should spell the German culture climbed to its perfections somehow. Those hidden beauties shining already here can be observed easily. For example the freedom of speech, fulfillment of the basic human needs, rules-n-regulations of German perfection and now in the end the introduction of Islamic principles in the “roots of a personality” – the schools! This would strongly encourage the families thinking positive about “Valueless European” and to be optimistic by visualizing this step of German government. In other words one can scrutinize by pivoting the argument on “degree of freedom” in a way to understand Islamic regulation is easier while living here.

Personal freedom and social liberty are positive point in a society if implemented and regulated under soft Islamic ways. Actually, if you just open Islamic history book and go back to 1400 years ago, the same conditions prevailed and the emergence of pure principles were not nipped by the mean desires of the kings of that time. It is true and natural that the genuineness of Islam and its reality needs no proof for its existence. It continues and gets its own shape anyway! The scenery of the survival of the finest and the significant principles becomes clear when one gets himself involved in the situation or adopts that life patterns which shines him/his heart. There are many other positive factors for living independent life.

Incentivization – encouraging the people by providing some incentives – is common way to gain public demands fulfilled in a democratic country. This new legislature would bring hopefully many positive improvements in the society. For example if one is informed from the very beginning about the loving nature of Islam and other religions then he/she would easily understand the basics of the rest of the life. Under no supervision or force, one can decide what is right and where is the mistake. The already existing differentiating-capability between guilty and honesty would become a badge in one’s personality after having lectures about Islam in their school…

Actually, any child who comes in this beautiful world is like a clean paper on which parent, society or environment writes their impressions. These letters on that paper then shape up an essay of one’s personality. Exactly in the same way that little cute baby is “imprinted” and “allowed” to grow up into a character of that traits which he influenced from the above mentioned factors. Of course, meanwhile he learns his own experiences and concludes his theories too. Persuasively, one can state that the base of a child gets strong rooted to morality, decency, politeness, adoptability, and listening to what is right if the schooling and the parents contribute into personality shaping and directing matters. Since the foundation of a child’s character starts to shape up during the school period, the Muslim parent can be more or less satisfied now sending their children to the schools with other. Therefore one can state A: There will be an atmosphere of the openness of Islam to other cultures and warm welcoming to them. B: Consequently, there would become a time when the dusty image of Islam would be shined and gain its pure shape as it was in the beginning in Arabia. The new amendment in education block will certainly bring many positive prospects in integration of other Muslim nationalities into Germany. Statistical observation shows that about are Muslims from Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, and Palestine, Bosnian, Pakistan and many others… Not only providing a green signal to them by interacting friendly with German culture but also encouraging the families living in other countries to come to Germany as due to its well organized life securities. Such social organizations, reformations and preference to the human dignity would summit a good co-operation between Euro-Muslim worlds and open a door to strong friendship among them!